This article was a super spur of the moment thing, But if you know me you’d know that’s me. So anyway I decided to write something super quick to highlight 11 artists I’m Rocking with right now.. Maybe I’ll do this again in a few months, maybe I won’t but yeah … Check these guys out in no particular order

But before you do check out this dope new video from Flat bush Stars

Gangtivity World The high Flying trio does it again bringing yet another incredibly creative visual following their hit single and video Racks.

GANGTIVITY – Artist Fleego, Bamvito & MitchLeading


Alright Here’s the list :

Auntie Naj 

This super charismatic artist is just the ball of energy the music scene needed! But don’t get it fooled her music is definitely something to bump.. managed by the video Wizard Kumo Shai this New York artist is definitely one to look out for!


If Harlem Powerhouse Delly doesn’t catch you with his hype dance moves he’s sure to capture your attention with his unique music, From jam-packed videos to catchy ad-libs, Delly is definitely shaking up his town.

Connie Diiamond

From Raspsy Flows to Sold out shows I believe this Bronx artist is well on her way. No matter what beat she touches Connie seems to attack it with precision. Often compared to Missy Elliot for her looks Connie is definitely in her own lane.



Newest Signee to Joey Bad AssBad Mind Records“. NAO Quelly has definitely been making his mark for quite some time. As the founder of group NAO, Quelly has been gifted the opportunity to truly craft his sound, build others and really tap into a lane all his own.

Vino World

To change the pace a bit I’d like to introduce you to the R&B, Medolic Hybrid that is Vino. The Harlem native has made quite a name for his self in the area with an abundance of quality hits and well-crafted videos each of which has captured the ears of ladies all over the city.



If his lyrics don’t catch you his heavy beats definitely will! the double threat engineer & artist has been dropping some super dope hits on the low for quite some time, its time to get in tune!


Don Smith

From engineering some of his own music to creating the graphics.  Don is definitely ahead of the curve. The Harlem native has been working tirelessly not only in the music space but in the creative space. Dropping a content series focused on lyric videos of upcoming artist. Either way, Don is definitely an artist to look out for as he gears up to drop some super dope new visuals.


Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow

The Brooklyn Drill Duo has been shaking up the city for quite some time. Making their presence known with 3 consecutive PANIC  hits who’ve touched over 100k views in weeks. it’s safe to say they’ve both been holding down the fort for Brooklyn drill rappers everywhere.


If it were up to me I’d give Najjee the crown for most Cinematic and creative videos in the underground Brooklyn scene with that being said. Najee has made his mark the last few years with catching lines on hits like “Walk it Out” & “Get to the Guap” Get in tune

Apollo Rai

Every time I’ve seen this artist perform it’s been an experience from Jumping on tables to have the crowd swinging Green flags to symbolize his new single slime time, Apollo Rai is sure to make you jump out your seat and take a look



This 718 artist has been known for his out of the box style accompanied by his creative flows, lyrics, high energy performances, and expertly crafted musically pairing.

Well that’s a Wrap, Hope You take the time to check out each and every one of these artists you won’t be disappointed

-Your Editor and Cheif

Jocelyn A Rivera 

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