Since its start, Hip-Hop has been swimming in the endless abyss of creativity. From the dopest lyrics blessing the ears of Hip-Hop fans to the influential artists that set the stylistic trends, Hip-Hop is a culture that inhabits greatness. Apart of that greatness are the timeless tracks that still make our heads bop when we hear the beat drop. But what some may not know, some of the greatest hits in Hip-Hop stem from R&B soul classics. Sampling music in the industry dates back to the 1940’s. When Hip-Hop emerged, artists sampled music from different eras and even different nations, adding a one of a kind touch.

These Hip-Hop songs sampled the classics so good that one may think that it’s an original! So if you didn’t know, it’s time you found out.


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Notorious B. I. G –  One More Chance  = Debarge – Stay With Me

The year was 1995 when the one and only Notorious B.I.G  granted us with a remix for his single, One More chance,  originally released on his Ready To Die Album in 1994.  B.I.G. was joined by Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige on the remix. The remix is sampled from the 1983 single Stay with me by DeBarge.

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