19 year old B3nji3x. Is what his friends consider a cool calm and collected guy who’s calm demeanor reflects in his music. His hit single Chinchilla, featuring artists cool cam and OnlyJahmez is slowly becoming the talk of Jersey reaching over 30,000 views in just 3 weeks on soundcloud. With his original style and flow, coupled with support from his home state.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jersey native become one of the bigger names in the game in the not too distant future.

Lucky for me Rap Fest Correspondent Qualhata  was able to briefly interview the rising artist check it out below

Q: Your song “Chinchilla” reached 30,000 within 3 weeks on Soundcloud, were you and your team expecting that success to occur, or was it a surprise? How did the song come about?

A: I was expecting the song to do numbers, but I aint expect all this, we just woke up the morning after it dropped and there was 2k views sittin on the screen and I couldn’t believe it. I freestyled my verse and my boy cam wrote his verse in under an hour and look at the results we got.

Q: Your flow is unique who were some of the artist that inspired you to start making music?

A: If I’m being truthful my first thoughts and desires of wanting to make it in music came from watching the Jackson 5:the American dream. I used to look at Gary, Indiana the same way I look at south jersey, ‘whos gonna care about our little region?’ And look at who they became. I listen to anything that creates aesthetics really…Frank, Majid Jordan, ilovemakonnen, Billy Joel, Travis, I could go on for days really.

Q: Being a college student and an artist in 2018 is it difficult to balance both occupations? If your success continues to heighten will you finish school or take a leave?


It’s definitely a struggle to balance between the two, almost impossible sometimes, but I know if it weren’t for William Paterson my music would definitely lack a certain element and I wouldn’t have been able to spread my music throughout Jersey. It’s tough to say right now, I know my mother wants to see me get a degree, but I know she’d rather see me doin something I love and making a career out of it.

Q: I hate to divide Jersey with this question but, how do you view the music scene in North Jersey vs. South Jersey? Do you think there needs to be more unity when it comes to that aspect?


A: I think it’s ignorant to say there’s not a shift in culture from north to south, cause there is. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing, when Fetti made it we still showed love down here and people from my school show me love down on this end. If there is a need for unity I’ll take it upon myself to be the figure merge that divide cause I love every part of this state, and we need another star to break through.  

Q: What does Benji3x have planned for 2018? Upcoming collabs?


A:Right now the focus is to get this EP done for Jersey. I got a few big name Jersey artists that I’m working on teaming up with that’s under wraps for now, and obviously me and my brother Judi3x of WRHL got some new stuff on the way. But I will say its gonna be a hell of a summer for Jersey