The new animated series entitled “The Year 2100” which features hip-hop artist 21 savage debuted their third episode live on WeBuyGold’s Instagram Feed late yesterday.

Have you guys seen this show yet?  In episode three, Emperor 21 Savage begins his treacherous journey to Neo-Atlanta, a dystopian version of hip-hop’s undisputed capitol. With the help of issa knife, they fight off revolting Slaughter Gang robots as they seek a train ride leaving from Metro Boomin Station. Pretty trippy if you ask me.

While the six-part series is certainly different, it takes an interesting spin on not only the life of 21 savages, but also the music industry itself.  Inspired by 21 Savage’s appearance on the ESPN show Highly Questionable, social-video network WeBuyGold took things for a turn. In the series, 21 Savage voices himself, as a super villain who controls the world with his music; which to me is a synonym for the music world as a whole.

Though along with the continued success of the series, Savage has been making some other major moves including the release of his new project Issa that’s been topping the charts since its release.  It’s safe to say the series has been a great promotional move for Savage and his music.

The weekly series airs on the WeBuyGold Instagram feed, so catch up to the previous episodes; and stay tuned to episode 4 next week.

Jocelyn Rivera