On July 12th, 1991, the critically acclaimed film Boyz n the Hood was released to the public. The film written and directed by John Singleton starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Laurence Fishburne, Nia Long, Regina King and Angela Bassett focused on a group of friends growing up in a rough South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. Essentially centering around a few days in their lives  it touches on topics like education, violence, race, family and “the hood life”. Though, for today’s purposes, what interested us the most was the authentic sense of style the movie so effortlessly incorporated and displayed. 25 years later,  many of these styles have become timeless classics.

In honor of the movie on its 25th year anniversary and its contribution to the world of fashion, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the styles that certainly made their mark in the movie and in today’s fashion scene.

Denim X Denim

In the movie, the character Tre sports the classic two-toned denim on denim outfit, a look that was very popular for young men of the 90s. However, today this style seems to have become a lot more common in the women’s fashion arena, paired with cool sneakers, slides and even a nice pair of heels or boots.With some of today’s top hip hop artists having shown off their own spins of the looks making it an even more modern classic.

High-Waisted Anything

High waisted clothing previously known as “mom jeans” seems to have always been in style, from skirts to shorts to jeans and even liquid leggings. This flattering trend paired with a crop top t-shirt or sweater is a style that’ll never leave the casual fashion scene.

Bold Patterns

While it would seem like bold print and patterns have taken a slight break from the fashion world, they are back with a vengeance. People are loving the vintage feel that these tops pose. Seen on everyone from the Migos to Rick Ross. Shirts, jackets and even more recently, pants are certainly back in style.  With both men and women wearing them either tucked in, out and even unbuttoned with a solid tee underneath.

Textured Fabric Turbans

In the movie, Ricky and Dough Boy’s mother is a huge fan of her turban, especially her velvet one which she pairs with an equally impressive brown velvet body suit. With the recent popularity of natural hair styles, head wraps and turbans are definitely trending right now.


As we all know social media was recently taken by storm as the controversial male romper debate began with many people believing some kind of gender lines were blurred when this new style came to the forefront. Throughout the movie several characters and background actors rock rompers and overallswith some of the female actresses rocking floral or solid print rompers mainly in the ‘welcome back’ BBQ scene.  However, in the late 90s, the male romper does make a brief appearance with the Akademiks “romper” that was certainly a hit. Today while controversial to some, this style has been worn by mainly notable male fashion models who have been seen rocking this look in everything from denim to leather to linen.

While Boyz N the Hood may have just been a movie that most in today’s buying market probably don’t even know about, it became almost a symbol for 90s style and a kind of blue print for the reoccurring trends of today, and I don’t see this changing any time soon.  Pushing the culture forward, through urban films and music, the stylistics continue to reach the masses.  While appropriation does play a negative role on the atmosphere of the culture, we still hold the ladder of being the most influential across the globe.  Let’s live up to that bit of insight, and never forget it.

The truth doesn’t lie unless you allow it.

But anyway, on your 25th birthday, Happy Birthday Boyz N the Hood!

Jocelyn Rivera