New Music from New Jersey Native Shaun Yerp, the artist has been on somewhat of a hiatus after releasing one of the top 20 most streamed mixtape from a New Jersey artist “#THELUVTAPE” in 2016 and subsequently going on a multi-state tour to support the album and doing various performances in the greater New York City Area. Shaun has given us a little taste of his R&B production with this smooth track and swift vocals over an original beat.
He calls the track a “throwaway track” but the smooth production of the track provides with some serious hi-hats and 808 work that make it anything but that. Shaun makes a reference to the early 90’s sitcom “Living Single” throughout the track starting off the song with the opening bars “I know at least thirty Regine’s like off living single” An even incorporates a very rare shot of Queen Latifah rocking a vintage New Jersey Devils jersey on a scene from the sitcom in the cover artwork done by @jon.bravo.
When reaching out to Shaun to get more information for the write up we found out that the reference to Queen Latifah is a more noble gesture then we thought. As Shaun tells us “Queen Latifah grew up down the block from my grandmother’s house on Sanford St. in EO. She and her mother used to live in the apartment above the barbershop right on the corner of Clifford St. & Halsted St in East Orange, New Jersey. This barbershop was the first barber shop I ever got my haircut in until I was 15 and owner “Willie” retired.
I always been a big fan of hers but it was just recently when it really hit me that the show was about a bunch of college graduates in the mid-twenties living in Brooklyn and the inspiration from the song was born, its really some ol’ St Johns University and Jersey inspiration all wrapped up in one I think that why my listeners rocking out to it. They the GOATS!”
Listen to “30 Girls”below: