We’ve seen recent interviews where N.O.R.E. discussed that he had a brand new song with Pharrell on the way. He stated that he didn’t want this record to sound like the typical hood song that people are used to hearing from him because that’s not where he is anymore with his life. He wanted a party record and something that people can have fun with. Well, I guess he actually made that happen with “Uno Mas.”

Accompanied by Mr. Williams as well as a very catchy and rhythmic beat, N.O.R.E captures the vibe of the song with some very calm verses about his two-decade career in music and celebrating life the only way he knows how. Fans from both parties have been anticipating this new offering and now that it’s here, we can say it’s a good way to end the summer.

Watch the lyric video for the song below and let us know what you think. Does N.O.R.E. have a great single on his hands?