“…Cool K b**** , man about the dolla sign”

After taking a brief hiatus, the South Bronx native is back and ready to take on the upcoming year with his lyrical chops while showing off his Credentials. Alongside fellow NYC rapper, Dukes, Player K lets us know he is a new force to be reckoned with on his introductory single.  Overcoming life’s obstacles and walking in the light of purpose, the rising Bronx rapper is basking in his resilience, confidence, and his extraordinary work ethic.

K’s musical influence stems from his mother; a dance teacher who exposed him to a variety of genres. Player K started to share his musical talents at the age of 14. From sporadically jotting down lyrics to battling his fellow classmates in rap wars, the Bronx rapper knew he was destined for greatness.

To jumpstart the closing quarter of 2017, Player K has no problem telling us that hes “Cool K b****” and hes all “about the dolla sign” while fusing NYC’s grit with Mac Miller’s Good Evening.  Credentials serves as an alert to the industry ; informing everyone to be on the lookout for Player K’s upcoming success.





Listen to the premiere single of Player K’s Credential’s below


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