The RapFest is heading into its fourth month with the #OntheLookOut series. Closing out the year, we picked four artists on the rise that caught our eyes and ears. With The different styles each artist brings to the table, all of them have the same goal ; to bless their fans with good music. Checkout this month’s #OntheLookOut series and tell us what you think.






Growing up in the savage streets of East New York, Controverse quickly learned that “in order to succeed in life, he had to have tough skin.” Falling in love with music at the age of 8, the Haitian-American’s  musical influences stemmed from the likes of Jadakiss, Usher, Jay Z and  Foxy Brown.  Developing the skill of wordplay and lyricism, Controverse was “lyrically violatin’” by the age of 12.

By the age of 18, Controverse started to take his music career seriously. Hosted by Jack Thriller, Controverse was featured on ThisIs50’s 16 Or Better Cypher Series, showcasing his unmerciful lyrical chops . He released his first mixtape titled “ Success is Revenge” in 2014.

Recently , Controverse released the visual for Oochie Wally ft Reemo. With his music, Controverse wants people to take away the feeling of authenticity:

“I want people to just remain or become fearless, and to be comfortable in your own skin,


Watch Controverse’s Oochie Wally video below



Sean Turk


This musically inclined artist knew he was destined for greatness from a young age. The New York native, Sean Turk, grew up with strong musical influences from his father.  He  would play the classic sounds of Steely Dan and Tower of Power inducing Turk to pick up several instruments such as the violin, piano , and the drums. Little did Turk know , he was preparing his self for a love that will help him start his musical journey in the industry; producing.  Introduced to him in the 8th grade by his friend Anthony, Turk began engineering and creating beats.

”I wanted to be the guy that was creating the shit artists were laying their songs on…I decided to go full force and learn how to produce and write. The rest is history..”

With a hint of R&B, Hip-Hop, and electronic soundscapes in his work, the multi-talented artist has released a string of remixes which has been aired on Power 96.1 FM, LIVE 105 FM, Power 90.1 FM, SiriusXM Electric Area and SiriusXM BPM.

Recently, Turk released his single, Lemonade, featuring Jessame. What inspires Sean Turk to keep going in the music industry is the support he receives from family and friends. Also seeing other artist living out their dreams and contributing their creativity to the industry inspires him as well.

“I feel like music is at such a dope place now that everyone has their own style and sound that it’s just pushing music forward.”


Watch Sean Turk’s visual for Lemonade below



T Jodeci


In the case of Brooklyn native, T Jodeci, music was his saving grace. Growing up in Brooklyn, the sounds of R&B heavy hitters such as Mariah Carey and 112 were always in the background. When Jodeci started listening to rap music, artists like Eminem, Jay Z, and Kanye West spoke to the emotions he was feeling at that time:

“…those were my favorite artists, but I was so into music at the time I could have an hour long conversation about the biggest rapper in the game or a local rapper nobody knows …”

Also trying his talents in producing, Jodeci is on a mission and is striving for the best:

“I just love music and  the culture and want to take part of it in as many ways as I can”

According to Jodeci, he’s “just warming up”. This year was the year Jodeci dived into music full time. Embracing his new musial journey , Jodeci is taking things one step at time. Recently, Jodeci released his single, Sauce It Up, a S. Diesel produced track. Now, Jodeci is working on the formation of a new music video for his latest track, No Strings Attached.

Listen to T Jodeci’s No Strings Attached below





Mus Matos


With music capturing his heart at a young age, it was evident that Mus Matos was destined to bless the world with his musical talents. Growing up in Philadelphia in the midst of Philly’s prestigious Hip-Hop scene, Matos subsequently developed an ear for all realms of music.  In his college years, Matos was inspired by his mentor, a lyricist, to start rapping. As Matos progressed and sharpened his musical skills, his passion for the music started to grow. Taking his career seriously, Matos turned down an offer in corporate America to chase his dreams.

Some of Matos musical influences stems from the likes of Ryan Leslie and Nipsey Hussle .  “I’ve been a big fan of Ryan Leslie for about 10 years now. I’ve always been impressed with his ability to play so many different instruments…I’ve also respected Nipsey Hussle’s business approach because while he loves making music, he understands the bigger picture and is very focused on investing.”

Songs such as YUNO Who’s Up Next, Verbatim, and Here Forever depicts Matos’ diverse range. Recently , the Philadelphia artist released his single, Unusual , produced by  Th’Oceans.

With his music, Matos wants people to take away the feeling of self expression and truth:

“I want people to be able to express themselves…Although my songs are sonically pleasing, they sort of have an “ugly truth” approach to them.. They present the harsh reality that not all relationships/friendships are beautiful.”

Listen to Mus Matos’ Unusual below