It’s a holiday.  Happy 420 y’all!

Thursday, April 20th marks the day when all  proud marijuana enthusiasts come out of their dwellings, free from secret and shame, as today is the day that we celebrate our high times together.  Gather among friends, a blunt or spliff in every hand, and a pass through like a groupie in a room of championship ring holders waiting to hit the lips of every smoker.

It all started at San Rafael High in California in the fall of 1971. At 4:20 PM, after classes and football practice were over, a group of friends who called themselves “the Waldos,” would venture into the woods by Point Reyes and smoke weed together. The cannabis came from a patch of plants that were grown by one of the Waldo’s brothers. Legend has it, he was too afraid of getting caught harvesting it, so he made a map and gave it to his brother so he could and his friends could enjoy the crop, of which they never found.  And through musicians and music – of course, 420 lived on.

This seems like quite small beginnings but all slang has to start somewhere.  As the lingo traveled from state-to-state, country-to-country, the publicized celebration of marijuana usage would continue to grow within millions of households.  Where tobacco smoke was always frowned upon, the intake of weed can be considered a family tradition shared between your 90 year old grandmother and granddaughter, as grandma always said that weed was an actual healing agent which came from the earth, meant to cure.

But when government agencies around the world learn to use it to legitimize the abuse of their authority of power over young inner city kids sitting out on the stoops, taking in an L in comradeship, making the action of smoking or selling marijuana punishable by the law; therefore turning it into a drug and ruining lives through mass incarceration, further adding to the substantial number of undeserving offenders in the system.  Because of this, an outsider might demean the happy pothead into a bum or a loser.

But what a loser you would be to go a day or even a lifetime without it.

Something made and put on earth by God himself, how can you belittle it?  There is no way to twist it, only abuse it.  And the abuse happens on both sides.  Don’t mistake marijuana users with those heavily delved in crack and heroin habits, overdosing, and taking out more lives than any weed dealer could have ever done.  And on those types, FOX News contributors take pity.  SMH.

Would you lock someone up for smoking a sunflower?


Because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

If those running our political firms can’t make money off of it, than that’s what makes it an outlawed substance.  At some point or another, even humans can be considered illegal in America.  And don’t think for a minute that those sitting in the WH weren’t getting high with their buddies, even our parents at a time in their lives were getting smoked out.  Looking down at you talking about, “You need to stop smoking that weed and stuff.”  It’s almost funny. “Shut up!”

At this time, 4:20PM, all my weed heads put your spliff in the air in unison, for it is our time to cheer.  As the moment is now here.  Today, you can find more states gravitating to the idea of legalizing the weed.

How can you banish a seed?

No amount of incarcerations was going to stop the dope from becoming ruler.  Even our beloved Barack Obama was a legendary stoner; so you can add him to the list of misfits who can give a care of what bureaucratic hypocrites have to say about what was clearly put on earth, meant for us. With more than half the 50 states allowing medical marijuana, to the successful legalization campaigns in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts, which join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington as states to now back the use of recreational marijuana, leading the launch of more and more marijuana farms and dispensaries around the country, there are more people making a living off of it now than ever before.  While those locked up prior to these groundbreaking laws taking affect, still harbor the lashes on their backs for which we have come to enjoy more freely, bringing to question…

Should those locked up on weed charges be freed or provided lesser sentences?

The excuse, to keep us on their hooks, is to drop political rhetoric that got our misinformed judges in fake dismay, calling marijuana “a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs,” stressing our parentals out upon their discovery of our usage.  While true potheads know that all they need is a good hit of the weed, as nothing else can top it; unless you’re blatantly looking to die under the influence of those legal pharmaceutical drugs or chemically made ones that are usually approved by the FDA.

They don’t even know, that ain’t even our style, as the true aficionado’s would agree, and for that 420 will forever live.

So light it, don’t fight it.  Burn that, and embrace the earth in all its glory.