DMV Producer and Rapper Mr Person has become a pioneer of the new Maryland sound. Cut from the cloth of  Powerhouses Kanye and Pharrell. Paired with having produced records for artists like Dave East, Logic and Phil Ade.
Mr Person has decided what better time then now to deliver his own dose of precise lyricism. His latest single, “Lion King” steams from deep “Maryland” sounds sure to get you  hooked!

Lucky for me Rap Fest Correspondent Qualhata was able to briefly interview the rising artist specifically regarding the single  check it out below

Q. On Your single “Lion King” you talk about your self as being the “King Of The Jungle” in my interpretations is that your calling yourself a boss of your community. What have you done to reach the point you started calling yourself this?

The theme of “Lion King” came about because I’ve always been considered to be fearless by my peers. I’ve never been afraid to conquer fears in order to level up which in return has gained me the respect of a king. I tend to embrace change where most find discomfort.

Q. Why do you call yourself Mr. Person?

I call my self Mr. Person because there is nothing more personal than your real name and not to mention there is something intriguing about something that every person can relate to.

Your style is very clean cut, have you always had this look. It’s gives Jidenna vibes. Who are some of the people that have influenced your style?

My style actually came along from spending my childhood with my father watching a lot of 007 movies I wanted to portray the imagery of James Bond.

I also discovered that your a producer as well. Do produce all of your own songs or do you collaborate with other producers?

I tend to produce most of my work my self in Maryland but from time to time I collaborate with a producer by the name of Chris Cage out in Queens, NY, I usually record at his studio when im in New York.

What do you have upcoming within the next couple weeks?

In the next couple of weeks I am hosting a listening party in downtown DC where people will be able to hear my 4th album “Exhibit P” in its entirety and catch a glimpse of the new Mr. Person merchandise.