That Elevator Incident Was Legendary.

4:44 is one of the most open and honest albums by Jay-Z. So, it is no surprise to guess that the fight between the Solange and Jay-Z had an influence on the album. One of the lines on the first song of the album “Kill Jay-Z” goes, “You egged Solange on knowing all along all you had to say you was wrong.” He directly references the incident and in other songs he talks about how his infidelity impacted his family. However, that incident may have inspired more than a few lines.

The title of the whole album might be influenced by the incident. The explanation Jay-Z gave for naming the album 4:44 is that the song is such a powerful song and he woke up at 4:44 AM to write it. However, that song could have very well been about the same topics that caused Solange to go off in that elevator because it might be the most personal song on the album. We don’t know…

Apparently, the main address for the location is not the address seen in the tweet but after 4, that address becomes the entrance for the nightclub at the top floor of the location, The Boom Boom Room.

That incident in the elevator is truly an iconic moment in black music because potentially 3 iconic albums came out of that incident. You can’t blame the Jay for naming the album after the location if he did.

Paul Robinson