On Monday, Artist Spice Took over NYC with the release of her  Captured Mixtape Presented by  PlayBookMag, The Ainsworth in East village was filled with a platorua of people.  From fans to producers to the hottest in the dance hall game , the mixtape launch definitely captured the attention of everyone.


  The venue was packed from front to back with the anticipation of the Queen’s arrival. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop cast members, Rich Dollas and Peter Gunz made their appearance in support of Spice. Black Ink’s Donna, Alex and Puma also made their way to the launch. NYC’s hottest Caribbean entertainers and artist were also in attendance including Trackstar, Kemar HighCon, Mumzell, Kappa and so much more.
 Before the announcement of the Spice’s grand entrance, the crowd swarms the DJ booth to get their spot for the candid moment. Celebrity PR, Marie Driven, ensures the crowd that queen will arriving shortly which heightens the anticipation of the crowd. Dj MadOut cues “Romantic Mood”and the Queen sashays in.


 Dress in her posh attire, a full Fendi Dress with matching boots, the Queen always comes fashionable. Although she wasn’t in her signature cobalt blue hair, the bright yellow with a streak of pink hair was definitely a captivating look. Check out the video clips of the Queen’s arrival speech.


   As the event continues, fans and supporters hurry to get their photos. The VIP section fills with people eager to meet Spice. The OG, Tony Matterhorn takes the mic and controls the crowd to get the Queen some space. Tony shout through the mic “VIP was tighter than a ‘Oman’s …”. Dj MadOut continues to play music that were featured on Captured including “Genie”, “ Fake”, and of course “Black Hypocrisy”.


 The Queen of Dancehall’s enjoys herself by bring the party outside of the VIP section and brings it to the dance floor.  The excited crowd pulls out the phone as “ Video This” plays . Spice gives the people a view of how her bumpa can jump. Tony Matterhorn as the official hype man for Spice, cheers her on as he shouts “ VIDEO Di Queen”


  Towards the ending of the event, there was a mini freestyle section with some Caribbean acts. Of course, Tony Matterhorn deejays a quick verse over a 90’s riddim.

Here’s a clip of those performances.


The Queen of Dancehall definitely took the night with the Captured Mixtape Launch. Captured has reached the number one on Billboard’s Reggae charts as well as Apple Music. The success of Captured pose a questions for VP records, when will they release a Spice album ?


Didn’t make the event ? Check out a full recap video below !


Written by Queen Lexyonce