As you can see from video footage down below, 50 Cent was clearly caught assaulting an overly excited fan.

While standing atop a Baltimore stage, we can see 50 and Uncle Murda shaking fans hands, when a woman grabbed 50’s hand and tried to pull him off the stage.  50 did not take this lightly as he took and swung on the fan.

Moments later, 50 became super apologetic and invited the woman on stage where she was then filmed twerking behind the stage. This is not the first incident where we have seen rappers go a little too hard on fans. Kevin Gates just finished spending time in jail for kicking a female fan in the chest. Earlier this year, T.I. also had it out with a male fan for grabbing his butt.

Looking at the video, the punch was really a fast reaction. Not making any excuses for 50, but you can tell he really didn’t mean to go that hard. His entourage rushed off stage to make sure things did not go any further. 50 definitely felt bad for that one.