Written by: Livengoodlivin

Photo Source: XXL Magazine

50 Cent’s smash hit crime drama series Power always starts off with arguably the best theme song a television series ever seen titled “Big Rich Town”. The track is so geniusly put together, and with a catchy hook from R&B legend Joe that millions throughout the world have come to know the track and it has met critical acclaim. For the 6th and final season, Curtis Jackson enlists heavyweights Trey Songz and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to drop a thrilling remix to the song. 


Some fans see this as a slap in the face to the original track, a potential foreshadowing off a spinoff series, or even 50 who is known for “trolling” to shock everybody and announce a 7th season. Regardless, the remix fits wells with the series direction with A Boogie’s verse serving as a different take on a classic beat and Trey’s vocal’s making gracefully with the pace of the song. Listen below and form your opinion here: