50 Cent sets the record straight.

Since parting ways in early 2005, the line in the sand was clearly drawn when it came to 50 Cent & G-Unit vs The Game. Over time, G-Unit eventually dissolved and members publicly shared their disdain for each other. In 2014, the group reunited with members Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck all joining 50 to make new music. Noticeably absent from said reunion was The Game, in his place was New Orleans native Kidd Kidd. Though the feeling of nostalgia was at its peak for fans, many were left wondering if there can ever be a possibility for The Game to return to the fold.

For his part, The Game has gone on record stating that he would love to reunite, even though he would often flip back and forth between throwing shots and speaking on possible reunions. Early this year, Lloyd Banks was spotted in Dubai snagged a picture with The Game, leading many to believe that a possible reunion might be in the works. 50 immediately shot down on possibilities when he publicly chastised Banks for being on friendly terms with the friend turned foe. Fast forward a few months and 50 was spotted in the same nightclub as Game and the two seemingly had a brief conversation, appearing to be on amicable terms.

Recently, during an interview with radio station 99 Jamz, 50 Cent doubled down on his previous sentiments, sharing that there will never be a reunion with The Game, on any terms. Furthermore, many fans may not know that early on in his career, Fif played the role of ghostwriter for several artists, namely Diddy. In the interview, he went on to insinuate that he wrote G-Dep’s 2001 hit “Let’s Get It,” which featured Diddy and Black Rob. Watch the interview above.


I’m not buying it. If I was a betting man, I’d say we’ll here some new G-Unit music with The Game in the future. – Rocko