Recently, there was a rumor going around that 50 Cent dropped out of Chris Brown’s tour because they couldn’t afford him. 50 has since cleared the air stating this is absolutely not true. He initially signed up to be the leading guest on the tour; in fact, 50 and Chris had an agreement on the fee that he would get paid, even signing his name on the dotted line.

News station are saying people were pissed upon finding out 50 was not going to be on the tour. A lot of fans said they bought tickets just for him. There is no refund being given because the headliner, Chris Brown, will still be there and it is his show.

50 took to Instagram to tell the real story. In a caption, 50 wrote, “I would never say my friends can’t afford me. This run wasn’t handled correctly, I’m still on set filming Den of Thieves#effenvodka ”


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