Tully C began to write songs and compose music in 2009. Hailing out of Indianapolis, Indiana he is a true artist with many talents. Originally known as Tully Cicero, he was fascinated by the uniqueness and rich writings of The Renaissance.

Tully explained to us the motivation behind “Wrong Thing”

“It’s kinda funny, Floyd wrote the hook for “Wrong Thing” on the spot, and just so happened my girl was in the studio that night. Initially writing my verse no, she wasn’t the muse. But as time went on, and you go through relationship shit she became my muse. Words become real life sometimes. My producer (DJ GB) had been trying to link us together for the longest. I respected Floyd’s writing abilities and vice versa. It was perfect timing that night because I was looking for a record to cater towards the ladies and give them something to listen to. He came in, and we knocked it out quick. We’ve been able to cross promote since the release, and it’s been good for each artist.”

Tully explained what he considers the “wrong thing”. He says accusing your partner of cheating/insecurity, allowing social media and friends to dictate your relationship status/doing it for the gram, and lack of respect for each other are all factors of doing the wrong things.

“I can an see how someone who believes in fate or a soulmate could say that if their partner isn’t doing the “right things” then that isn’t the right person for them. Me personally, I know none of us is perfect. So I do believe that the right person can be doing the wrong things. It’s all in how you choose to look at it and deal with it. I’d also say this fits the pace and tone of my project. All my music is what I’m going through at the time. My newest EP, “The 7th Day” was written and recorded in 7 days, & is an update to my fans and those closest to me through song. I wanted to set the tone for my 2019, and kick it off with records that were laced with hard lyrics and real shit going on in my life.”

As the Indianapolis emcee gears up for the visuals we are excited to see what’s next for him.

“People are enjoying the record, so it’s time to let them see the vision we had writing it. I think visuals are super important, it gives people a peek inside your world. I’m excited to come with something exclusive, that will capture what I think the real root of “Wrong Thing” is outside of just relationships. Which is don’t worry, things will be okay. Trust the process, and don’t worry about things you can’t control or fix. Just let it come to you.”

Check out the single here!

Written by: @ayo_sash