Offering their unique blend of hip-hop and pop, New York City based artist duo, BriGuel arrive with the video for their inspirational anthem, “Without Darkness”. The video uses expressive images to deliver the message that we all must appreciate the difficult times we experience to truly appreciate our moments of triumph.

Briguel uses juxtaposition to drive the concept of the video with them being shown in clown costumes, then regular clothes, as well as different lighting. Brianne, BriGuel’s vocalist, sets the tone perfectly with a powerful vocal performance singing, “without darkness there’s no light, without the day, no night, pieces of the whole, it is all one”. Miguel, the rapper of the duo, solidifies the importance of “Without Darkness” when he raps, “life is not a competition, we all have issues”. Despite our individual differences, that is something we all share in common.

“Without Darkness” is a timely message of hope, perseverance, and acceptance. Creating meaningful music is one of the biggest themes of Briguel’s music. They want the people who their music to understand they’re not alone in and there’s always a possibility for growth. It’s the kind of music needed in today’s society.

 Check out the premiere to BriGuel’s latest video “Without Darkness” right here on The Rapfest!

Post by: Chrissy Dru