Rapper Tally Bands dropped his newest single “NFA (Never Felt Alive)”. Tally leads “NFA,” with graphic lyrics “I Can’t Get These Visions Out My Mind, Murder Murder On My Mind”.
Tally explains that since a young child he always felt alone. He felt as if know one was ever really there for him, from his single mother who worked strenuous hours trying to make ends meet to his father who practically left them to fend for themselves. Tally also speaks on going through rough patches in life and dealing with spells of depression.
The Soundview rapper hit on something that’s been a societal concern for a while, as he expresses that depression hit this generation like a “Nuke Bomb”. He mentions how the death of his cousin Jimmy has left him in a traumatized state. Tally dedicated this single to all of the people who have ever woken up never feeling alive much like himself due to the constant disappointments of the world we live in.
Check out the Sony Orchard signee latest single below. Stream now!