Within a week, International artist Safaree, climbs to over a million views with his surprise video ‘No Regular Girl’ ft Dancehall artist Jahmiel. Safaree surprised fans on Instagram March 29th premiering “ No regular Girl” ft Dancehall artist, Jahmeil.
Safaree had posted a picture on Instagram last week stating “3pm TODAY !! BIG ANNOCEMENT”.
Produced by Chimey Records, Safaree and Dancehall artist Jahmeil definitely knew how to make this crossover single into a masterpiece. Jahmeil, known for his versatility with a style called Singjeey, gave a nice melody to the chorus. Sarfaee took it away “STRAIIITTT” with the lyrical bars. The flow of lyrics made it very easy for it to reach a million views with catering to both Hip Hop and Dancehall/Reggae audiences.
The visuals of the video, directed by Jay Paprworth, captures the authentic beauty of Jamaica, which is Safaree birth place. “No Regular Girl” is definitely no regular video. Safree features newly engaged finance Erica Mena as the leading lady.
A few weeks ago, the two were spotted front row at the historical ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ Concert with the iconic Buju Banton on March 16. Romance and comedy intertwine in the video making sure to show the pure chemistry with the two love birds, Safaree and Erica Mena.
During his journey to Jamaica, Safaree made sure to take advantage and give back to the places closest to his heart which is hometown Hanover, Jamaica. Hanover’s Merlene Ottey High school will be gifted with all new computers and music equipment by Safree.
We can agree that Safaree will always remain “STRAIIITTT” to his Caribbean roots. What will Sarfaree bring next ?
Check the Video for “No Regular Girl
Written by Queen Lexyonce