55Bagz is looking happy and looking on top. Fresh off signing with Interscope Cleveland boss 55Bagz drops “Highs & Lows”. The video takes place in 55Bagz hood. Cleveland is showing much love to Bagz in a major way. He may just go major on a big scale if he keeps this up. Big sticks and long clips is all you see. He raps about the trenches and staying in those trenches. He talks about having 40k around his neck and being hood rich. 55Bagz is his own CEO and he’s making that clear on this one. He pus his life into his music, bar for bar. One thing for sure Bagz campaign is coming together strong. 55Bagz is not letting up one bit. Since being signed he’s been stead consistent. His project “Bond Money 2” is on the way so stay tuned for that. 55Bagz open up the visual dancing and showing off his fire red Fila’s. Feels good to see somebody from the bottom make it out. 55Bagz will never forget about his block, it’s what made him special. Check it out below for yourself. 55Bagz is on one with this one! Make sure you watch this video til the end. You will hear some pops that’s not fireworks.