55Bagz is now signed with Interscrope and the sky is the limit for him. He’s working hard and making sure he gets his audience ready for his “Bond Money 2” project. It’s coming soon but 55Bagz is doing a good job holding them up. Lately it’s been a lot of visuals coming from him. I’m sure he has plenty of features in the fault as well. Cleveland is happy to see 55Bagz winning right now. He has the city on his shoulders and he’s ready to go hard. With his music playing on the radio back home. 55Bagz has his city on lock but now he’s ready to take over the world.

55Bagz drops his new visual for his record “Lollapalooza” which is a challenge to keep up. It’s so many cool camera angles on this one. The camera and effects are almost playing tricks with your eyes. 55bagz goes from the studio to the trap in the visual. 55Bagz loves to go back to his hood and shoot his videos. On the block smoking phat woods til in the studio laying record. The record showcases a few new flows and notes from 55Bagz. This is only the tip of the iceberg for 55Bagz. He has a lot more on the way after signing his deal a few months ago. In the meantime check out his latest video below.