Chris Brown: Back at it again

One of notorious Instagram trolls is back at it again. A few days ago, Rihanna took to Instagram to showcase her new Savage x Fenty Lingerie following the premiere of the Savage x Fenty Fashion Show. 

Of course this isn’t a post about Rihanna being flawless. Her shine was taken due to none other than Chris Brown wanting attention…yet again.

Shortly after the post went live, Chris hopped in the comments doing what he does best – trolling. When his his efforts went unnoticed, as they usually do, he decided to Photoshop himself into the photos and post it to his story. We know what your’re thinking – “Why?” Well we wish we knew.

Now, we all the know the history between the two and we’ve witness Chris applauding Rihanna in the past for business. It’s always good to see support and acknowledgement of success. Where things start to get weird is.. when Chris Brown gets weird.

Rihanna Stans were anything but Fans of his efforts. What we want to know is, was Chris trolling or was he just admiring his ex? (lol)

Take a look at the original photo and Chris’ version below.

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