Smartphones are becoming smarter daily. Because of this digital evolution music distribution is getting a lot easier. If you are a hip-hop fan, you will find some useful apps which will help you in composing, listening to new tunes for inspiration as well as songwriting. Let’s discuss 6 apps which are a must-have for all hip-hop fans.

Battle Me

What do you think of the name? Yes, you got it right. The app is perfect for rap battle enthusiasts. The app took the hip-hop community by fire and currently has more than 800,000 active rappers per month. The app offers a platform where you can build connections through music. You can create your tracks and share it with the community which has some renowned Record Label associates and DJs among the members. The app is easy to use. You only have to choose a beat and start rapping. Even you can participate in online rap battles that happen every week. If you own an Android device, you can get it free at play store.

Who Sampled

If you have used samples in your music previously, you might know that the task can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Here comes Who Sampled, an app available for free at Android to make your life a bit easier. This app can easily help you in finding a sample that has been used on a popular track. All you need to do is type the song’s name in the search section and all the required information will be displayed.

DJ Lobo

If you are a fan of the Hip-hop genre, you have probably heard about DJ Lobo. Well, he released his app where you can hear some exclusive mixes anytime you want. You can download DJ Lobo APK or at Play Store. It comes with the following features

  • Hundreds of mixes by DJ Lobo
  • You will get every update regarding upcoming events or mixes that are going to be released by DJ Lobo
  • The huge collection of mixes contain some all-time favorites by DJ Reymo, Musica, and many others.

However, besides 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars, the app still has some shortcomings. The music stops playing when the phone is locked, and the user interface is a bit old. Other than that, the app is worth downloading.


If you are into rap music, often you may have faced trouble while finding lyrics. Genius is the app for you. When it comes to finding the lyrics of popular songs there is no better app than this. You will also find annotations that help you to understand the context behind the lyrics. With some awesome features like better readability and some more features which are in the development stage, the developers of Genius are now working towards linking video contents. It also has a one-touch song detection feature like Shazam.

Rap to Beats

Imagine you are a hardcore rapper and champion at all rap battles. But what if you don’t remember the lyrics of your last freestyle rap. Rap To Beats comes as a savior. It has some pre-recorded beats which you can choose and rap on along with it. With the built-in recorder, you can record your performance and later note down and memorize the lyrics. For a free app, it has some decent collection of freestyle beats and nice recording quality as well.


The app is considered to be the best friend for all songwriters. If you want to find a word that rhymes with your lyrics, this app will help you with that. For a songwriter, Rhymezone helps a lot in enhancing the vocabulary and wordplay. You will get near or exact rhyming words, antonyms, synonyms and use whatever you want in the sentence of your next song. However, all these features do not come free. The app costs about $3.60 at the Play Store. However, a huge download count of 15 million shows that people have indeed found it useful.


It does not matter whether you are a hip-hop fan or a struggling hip-hop artist. The apps listed here will come in handy. Give them a try and let us know the experience in the comments.