Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the colorful-haired rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine also known as Daniel Hernandez.

On Tuesday, January 22nd the rapper’s legal team was thrown for a loop when the judge presiding over the case demanded that one of Tekashi’s primary counsel, Lance Lazzaro remove himself from the defense.

This decision is the result of the judge discovering that Lazzaro had represented Tekashi’s co-defendants, Faheem “Crippy” Walter, and Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, before representing 6ix9ine in this particular case.

The judge ruled that Lazzaro’s previous involvement with 6ix9ine’s alleged crime mates could present a conflict of interest in the rapper’s current RICO case. Until Lazzaro can produce detailed letters explaining how he represented Crippy and Shotti (these letters are due by January 28th) he will not be able to continue as a member of the 6ix9ine legal defense team.

Even if Lazzaro is able to explain himself in writing entirely, it will be up to the presiding judge as to whether or not his participation will present a conflict of interest. His dealing with Crippy and Shotti include:

-Representing Crippy in multiple cases between 2009 and 2015. 
-Representing Walter with gang assault at a Manhattan restaurant as late as October 2018.

The legal definition of conflict of interest is as follows:

“A situation in which a person has a duty to more than one person or organization, but cannot do justice to the actual or potentially adverse interests of both parties. This includes when an individual’s personal interests or concerns are inconsistent with the best for a customer, or when a public official’s personal interests are contrary to his/her loyalty to public business. An attorney, an accountant, a business adviser or realtor cannot represent two parties in a dispute and must avoid even the appearance of conflict. He/she may not join with a client in business without making full disclosure of his/her potential conflicts, he/she must avoid commingling funds with the client, and never, never take a position adverse to the customer.”

Remember, it is Lazzaro that argued 6ix9ine’s involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods is that of a victim and a target, not a leader and a willing participant of the alleged crimes he is being charged with. It is worth noting that Lazzaro did not volunteer the information in regards to his previous work with Shotti and Crippy to the court. It was brought to the judge’s attention by way of another source.

The judge will decide upon receipt of the Lazzaro letters how he will move forward with the case. It is also worth noting that any change in the legal team could work in 6ix9ine’s favor by delaying the hearings. If the judge thinks that removing Lazzaro would leave the team unprepared for trial he would give the legal team a small window of time to adjust. However, 6ix9ine does still have the counsel of Dawn Florio who has been on his legal team for quite some time so, the judge may see it fit to move forward with the scheduled timeline already in place.

With his next pre-trial scheduled for February 27th and his official trial starting September 4th, Hernandez faces 32 years to life in prison if convicted on all charges.

Written by: @ChayStyle