The Insomniac camp is making big moves out in the midwest. Ohio has been doing its thing for a while. Honestly, Ohio deserves a lot more attention. The Georgia to Ohio pipeline was major a few years back. You had Tezo and Bankie really making major moves. It all comes along with the enire Two9 movement. Right now, its A1Chase turn to bat. From this record “Under Arm” he sounds ready. He gives you that laid back Cali flow. Reminds me a little of Dom Kennedy or Nipsey Hussle approach. The beat itself has a life of it’s on. Feels like something Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y would hop on. Lets you know A1Chase has an ear for picking out beats. Major key to being a successful artist. A1Chase hits you with a little world play on this one. The Corey Gunz line was hot as well. You have to listen in to make sure you don’t miss out on some of these punch lines. But saying in his cup is dirty you would think he was from Flint. Sheesh, now I haven’t heard a rapper give a line that cold. Much thought is going into what he writes. Now that’s a new meaning to sipping mud. Flint, Michigan has a real water crisis if you didn’t know. A1Chase puts his life into every bar line for line. Chase rides the beat like a pro and the delivery is in pocket. This record feels like a street anthem. He’s giving you game on what to look out for. Homies can change-up like the temperature. And those fresh new packs can smell like under arms. It’s ashamed times have come to this. But rappers like A1Chase isn’t on the fake rap. Also the producer b0jack laced this production.This is my first time hearing about this producer. But he has a unique sound that stands out. Check it out for yourself below.