Photos courtesy of Dalvin Nichols II

This past weekend, A3C Festival held its 15th annual event. There were many showcases such as Fader Fort and conferences. The final event was held at the Union EAV, Atlanta for Carolina Waves. It’s an event curated by Raleigh’s very own and DJ E.Sudd. Moreover, artists like 10cellphones, BBO, Krawbonez, and more performed all night.

YSB opened the show, rocking out with his breakout song “Ain’t The Same.” Following him, Raleigh’s hottest duo BBO performed “Nina,” amongst others. They also brought out Jonah Raine for their collaborative effort. Elsewhere, rapper Sauxe Paxk brought out high-profile artists Nia Kay and Street Bud.

Not only did South Cost Music Group’s Toosii make a great entry, but he also performed his latest single “Red Light.” Furthermore, as the ending act, Atlanta’s Skooly rocked out the show. Ultimately, Carolina left its mark on the A3C Festival with hopes of coming back.

“It was exciting to have such a successful A3C stage dedicated to upcoming Carolina artists. With the eyes of the industry finally paying attention, this is only the start,” states. “When we look back in a year, you can expect half of these artists to be huge and remember where you saw them. Carolina Waves!”