Kansas City based rapper, producer, and battle scene entrepreneur The Abnorm is no stranger to the stage. Since beginning his performing career The Abnorm has created a name and a reputable respectability rarely acquired. His music exemplifies positivity transmitted through a veil of the hustle and struggle, which creates a balanced sound that entrances both familiar and unfamiliar audiences.

This multi-faceted artist is known for making beats, ridiculous writing abilities, and comically ingenious wit in battling. His ability to entice crowds is unequivocal and a side note to the artistry and talent unique only to The Abnorm. Quickly reaching the next level in his career the growth and maturity of this artist combined with his hard work and dedication establishes more freedom for prosperity and endless opportunities.

The Abnorm – Golden Era [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 

Check out a brief interview below

  1. I enjoyed the beat selection of the single, would you consider this your “usual” style?

For the most part. I mean I dont choose beats. Beats choose me. As long as i can catch a vibe off it I fucks wit it all

  1. The video it self gives off a really laid back feel reminded me of a few artist, you also mentioned “ i used to be nas now I’m more like jay” what do you mean by that ?

Ha. Its deep. What I can say is i used to be a rappers rapper. Drop knowledge all the time but now I’m more focused on getting my paper right. I still sprinkle jewels here and there if u up enough to catch em. To put it simple, life got in the way of rap

  1. Through out your music career i imagine you’ve faced many shifts what would you consider your biggest turning point

Figuring out how to get my circle right. Being the dumbest in my circle lol

  1. Your music gives me a very West Coast feel do you have any influences there if not what artist artist would you consider your biggest influences

I grew up listening to a lot of west coast music my brothers used to play shit like Brother Lynch Hung and C Bo I don’t listen to too much rap anymore forreal it’s mostly Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott-Heron. Cameo. My mamas music

5.With that, outside of music what would you consider your biggest motivator and influence


  1. What’s next

Got another album I’m working on it as we speak other than that go check out www.theabnorm.com to keep up wit what else we got coming up