Stevin-Charles Taylor, better known as Absolut-P, is a hotshot new producer/recording artist gearing up to have a big 2018, starts things off with his new single, “Even Steven”.

A remake of the Tracie Spencer’s hit song “Tender Kisses”. On the self-produced track, Absolut-P flexes a feel-good ambitious vibe. Lyrically, also known as Absolut-Perfection carries a smooth, A-plus vocabulary on the track. Production is new age, nothing relatable, while a remake it has an original sound to cover disguise it.

The Omaha, Nebraska-native is widely known for his April 2017 mixtape, 402-402-4024. He is also a known collaborator of New York City recording artist Lil Bibby. Absolut-P has been described as the sound to unleash the flood gates to the North’s Hip-Hop. Absolut_Coding V2.0: Computer_blue is the follow up project to the last year’s effort.

Listen to the new song below.