When you think of Chicago you think of drill music. That’s just era of todays youth with Chicago. Lately some called it Chiraq but lately that trend has ended but not the killing. Before drill music you had Twista, Bump J, and Common repping the Chicago. Let’s call that the golden era of hip hop. Lyrics has always been a big part of Chicago music. It can always be a balance, and that’s much-needed. Adot New Shit is a real true indie artist out of Chicago. He’s not glorifying the killing in Chicago. He’s uplifting his community to be rock solid.

Adot New Shit choose Perfect timing to release his project “The Maturation” with a record called “The Maturation” featuring Rmb Justize. The visual takes place out in Vegas and Rmb Justize has been rolling with Taylor Gang lately. The video make you want to get out of your hood and see the world. Adot New Shit shot the visual to motivate the hood. Record feels like something Rick Ross would hop on in a flash. He drops the top and rides through Vegas rapping the lyrics to his record. The 7 song album “The Maturation” is out on all streaming platforms. Bottom line is Adot New Shit is on his CEO status. With his supporters watching his every move. The sky has no limit for the success of Adot New Shit. He has a lot more in store for his day one supporters. In the meantime you have a new video and album out from Adot New Shit. He’s giving away free game and the youth needs to get hip to his movement asap. Right now he’s bringing life to the inner city with high quality music with substance. Not to many artist these days that can make that statement.