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Meet Airi, a humble woman from Houston, Texas, she loves drinking quality water, enjoys honey barbecue wings from the Galleria in Houston with her friends, and curating quality music. She also loves people, hates Texas traffic, and loves creating quality content. Also, she is Rich Forever’s first lady, which gives her a crucial role in Rich the Kid’s label. Starting off being her happy and vibrant self making video on YouTube, Airi always can be described as an elegant artist, and beautiful social butterfly which attracted people to her.


Music was always in her life as well, in which she told me “it’s an expression of her soul. Music gives her the ability to connect with her fan base on another level.” It was always a goal of hers to be a recording artist professionally. Taking influence from legendary R&B starlets Brandy and Letoya Luckett, and also fellow Houston native Normani, Airi has a beautiful and diverse sound which has the potential to touch millions of lives. One artist gave her the opportunity to do so and his name is Rich The Kid, mega hip-hop star. She is grateful that Rich took her under his wing and made her dreams become reality. With the new lifestyle, she had to make adjustments.

The Transition

“The transition to being a recording artist full time has been demanding but exciting! When I was a YouTuber, making music casually, I made my own hours,” Airi paused and laughed. Then she proceeded with “while I do miss that that, having to travel to multiple different states within a short period of time, hitting clubs to perform and doing interviews like clockwork, and sometimes hitting studios as early as 6 am in the morning can be stressful! However, it’s so much fun because I feel like it demands me to level up as a creative person. I’m up to take this challenge on.” This positive outlook on her demanding lifestyle was refreshing to see as media professional.


The Positive Princess Of Rich Forever, Airi


Sometimes I can meet people and they always complain about everything. Airi is the opposite of this, I can define her as “epitome of living life.”  The bright energy that radiated off every word she told me made me happier. When she described the same day, three-state trip from Los Angeles to New York to Houston to me as random but fun amazed me. Yes, she was tired but Airi still went about that day with the same cheerful attitude and positive vibe she always has. The daily routine she described to me that she goes through being a part of the Rich Forever family can drive a normal person crazy.

The Culture of Rich Forever

“Morning interviews, long studio sessions, uber eats, club performances and appearances, and reflecting on ways on self growth is the ‘jidst’ of what I go through,” Airi told me cheerfully. Hearing her speak about a stressful and busy schedule so light heartedly astounded me in a good way. It left me wondering who influenced that outlook in her and of course, it was Rich. According to her, “Rich barely sleeps, he is the epitome of innovation and hard work. I appreciate all the advice and love he gives me. Every time I’m around him, I soak all of the knowledge like a sponge.”


She even made an interesting remark about Rich, it really stood out to me. The simple fact that “he can get 5 minutes of sleep and wake up to make a hit song” just amazed me. That shows me how fast paced he is, the same fast pace that motivates Airi to operate on an elite level. Also, according to her, Rich “is very hands on with everything,” he takes the time to speak to and nurture each of his artist to make sure that they’re the best they can be. Seeing that grind and love he has for the business and people drives Airi everyday to be the best version of her that she can be.


Fueling Her Creativity And Curating Potential Classics


To be the best she can be and be among the best first ladies of label in the industry such as SZA, Ari Lennox, Teyana Talor, etc… She works her tail off, plans daily about ways to “perfect her craft,” and being a student of “the game” fuels the engine of her great motivation. “Constantly taking critiques about my sound and creativity, and then applying it to see self growth helps me build the iconic legacy I want to leave. I think being open and transparent enough to work on myself daily will help me get their one day,” Airi remarked to me and I couldn’t agree with her more!


“Classic songs don’t make themselves, it requires effort and time! Curating potential masterpieces require me to be the best me. – Airi


Airi and I discussed potential arts to her to make hits with such as Ty Dolla $ign, Ella, and Summer Walker. Also, heavy hitters such as Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, and Normani. She absolutely loves Normani and Megan’s current movements. It inspires her to keep going with her music. We both laughed and spoke collaborations with these artists into existence. Hopefully she can get them one day! However, she recently dropped a song titled “No Permission,” in which she paired up with recent XXL cover artist YK Osiris. For awhile, she has been attempting to make music with him.

Rich Forever’s Leading Lady

“I told Rich that I wanted to work with him after hearing his music in the studio. His sound is amazing and I always thought my sound blends in perfectly with his. Rich made some plays and I got contacted by his team and we both wanted to work with each other,” Airi told me in an energetic manner. “While we were all in the studio in Atlanta, he pulled up and magic was made from the both of us titled “No Permission.” The tone in which she spoke to me about working with other artist was so cheerful, her personable personality really stood out to me. However, normally when it comes to studio time, she likes being alone.


A Bright Future

“While, as you know, I like being with people, in the studio it’s a different story. Having people around definitely doesn’t bother me one bit. However, writing, creating, and finalizing music brings out the perfectionist in me,” Airi paused and continued; “Writing requires me to ‘get in my vibe I’m feeling that day and bring out that emotion through music. Being alone, allows for the energy to flow more because I’m less conscious of my surroundings.”


Add in conversations with her producers, drinking quality water, and eating good food, you get the recipe for how Airi goes about making music. Being surrounded by successful artists such as Rich, Young Bino, Jay Critch, and 83 Babies fuels to be the best her possible.


“Being in that circle is amazing. When those moments come, I will even want to quit they keep me head up and back on track. They’re fresh, inspirational, stay up to date, and always makes sure I stay my grind,” Airi commented on the love and encouragement she gets from her Rich Forever family. Our conversation then concluded with her brightly being optimistic about her future and throwing the staff here at The Rapfest hints of an upcoming project and EP with no release date marked down yet. One thing I do know for certain, Airi will keep on working to be the best her. Not be stagnant, practicing “her craft” every day and light up every room she is in like a light bulb of positivism!



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