Atlanta’s very own, Akbar V, is a gem in the rap industry. Whilst she had an absentee father and mother who was addicted to drugs, she was raised to provide for her siblings in the streets of Atlanta’s historic Cleveland Ave neighborhood. From this experience, she learned at a young age how to provide for herself and be independent. She definitely is street smart, she is very spiritual and intelligent as well. She states: “As a young generation, we tend to not acknowledge our older artists anymore. We need to listen to our old heads and learn the wisdom that was once taught to them”. She particularly is inspired by artists such as Mase, Nicki Minaj, K.Michelle, 21 Savage, and Missy Elliot.



Tell a little about yourself

“I was raised with my brother & sister alone in the home and I had to step up and be the mother figure to them at a young age. At the age of 7, I found my passion into rap because I was dealing with so much pain and just life.”


We featured your new single “Thug Me Like That” featuring K.Michelle a few days ago. What are your take on the song and the vision behind it?

“All my music is real life sh*t. Original and straightforward. This song in particular was about when I met this guy that I fell in love with so quickly. Guess you can say love at first sight. I loved him so much but later found out that I was being played for a fool the entire time. The females and the infidelity was so real.”


What rappers/artists did you enjoy collaborating with so far? What artists do you want to work with?

“I enjoyed working with K. Michelle most definitely because she is so encouraging and motivating. We talk all of the time and she is so honest with me. I would like to work with Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Fat Boi, and Asian Doll.


Women in the music industry are interesting. What do you think about this view?

“Spread love and all else will conquer. I am very spiritual and I believe in God wholeheartedly. I believe that God judges our hear. We should all salute other artists because there is enough money out here for us all. I say often –I am Big Mama. I know I have bars and I am in tune with myself”


Describe your fashion sense

“I am a fly mama all the time. I may not have the money now, but best believe I make everything look as if it was 1000s of dollars”

What are some words of encouragement that you can give to other young artists?

“Don’t ever stop. Stop listening to those people who are in you ear telling you to do what they feel is best. Listen to their encouragement, but no every single word they say. Keep going and keep it moving”


What’s coming up for you?

“New single “Jail Talk” will drop soon and new single with 21 savages “With It” drops Friday.”

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Brian D.