This Just in! Alien Emoji releases brand new single “Leeches”  Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising act ! Check it out below
1. What inspired you to write a song about authenticity?

Each member of Alienemoji has the wildest stories about people that have stabbed us in the back. My entire life people have tried to take advantage of me because of my kind exterior. “Leeches” was based on events that went down in 2014 when I visited one of my then-best friends in Los Angeles. The song is really about people who try to absorb all of your positive energy to send you on a path of destruction. Like a leech sucks your blood, some people suck your energy.
2. With such meaningful lyrics, you expressed how others intentions aren’t always genuine. Do you feel that is something that has become very common in the culture? If so, why?

I think it’s a given that people will always try and work towards their own greater good. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In order to advance your own career, you almost need to use others to get there. There’s just a way to do so while being an authentic person. Be yourself at all times and good will come. There’s no point in being ingenuine in your career or personal life – people see right through that. On god.
3. “ I hate when you smile cause it seems like a task that you have been assigned”. To me, this implies that your simply faking the funk. Meaning your doing it because you have to or need to not because you genuinely want to? Please elaborate.

I don’t know when we started a culture of fake laughs and fake smiles. Why do we laugh when something’s not funny? Why do we smile when we’re dead inside? In my social and professional experiences, I’ve come across so many people that try and suck up. It could be anything from status, looks, money, favors, anything. People’s intentions are always based on furthering their own lives. A lot of the time, they don’t care about the people they’re dealing with. So why are we being fake? We all know it. This line is pretty much just like: ‘cut the bullshit. You’re hitting me up for a reason, get to it.’
4. How and why do you think people become Leeches ? To clout chase or because it may beneficial for them?

You need to be wary of everybody! Anybody and everybody can be a leech. I think clout has to do with it in that the people that suddenly appear when you have some semblance of success – those people are often just trying to benefit from something they didn’t work to grow at all.

In terms of how people turn into Leeches, I think we all have that ingrained in our minds. Everybody wants to be popular. Everybody wants to be successful. Some just don’t have the drive to work for it. You will eventually find a circle that is working toward the same thing. You’ll need to sift through hella leeches on the way there but it’ll come. Trust.

The narrative kinda continues on the next single “FU&allofyourfriends.” That one is about putting the leeches under a microscope: people trying to pose as obstacles in your way, people trying to flip the script on you. That’s out on December 17.

We’ve got a project called World Wide Whatever dropping early next year. I’m so excited to finally put a body of work out into the world and see how people react to it. I just want all the damaged people in the world to connect and take a moment to feel void through art. Hopefully, my music can facilitate that.