Iggy Doesn’t Mess With Trump.

When a team wins a championship in a major sport in America, they usually visit the White House. It’s considered a huge honor to receive an invite to the White House after winning the championship. But this year, things are a little different because of who’s the president.



Athletes have now more than ever considered not taking a trip to the White House after winning a championship because a lot of people don’t like Donald Trump. Some Patriots players didn’t go earlier this year after winning the Super Bowl. Warriors Coach Steve Kerr called Donald Trump “ill-suited” for the presidency and Stephen Curry went against his sponsor’s (Under Armour) CEO by saying Donald Trump is an asset to the country “if you remove the ‘et’ from asset.” Steve Kerr went on an ESPN podcast today and said that the report in the Twitter post is fake and that they haven’t had time to discuss the visit and haven’t even received an invite. This makes sense. They’ve been too busy doing this.

As for Andre Iguodala, when asked about if he wants to go he said, “Hell nah.”

At the same time, he did say that the team will follow their leader in Curry. He then continued to say, “I think we handle (the White House situation) when it gets there. I mean, it may be different. There might be somebody different in (office). That’s a realistic thing to say though, right? So you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

We’re going to see this as a trend for the next 3 years. Or 2. Or 1. For all we know, this could be the last champion under the Trump presidency because people are already seriously looking into getting him impeached. Skipping the White House visit is nothing new but, having it be almost an expectation for some teams is. Look out for other teams following this trend.

Paul Robinson