The Voice of New York

Angie Martinez is very well know for her interviews. They include some iconic and unforgettable one on ones with Hip Hops late and greats.

Her interviews include legendary rapper, Tupac’s iconic 1996 interview which happened just months before his death. She has refrained from airing the full interview due to the East v. West feud. Angie just may be a legend of her own.

The radio personality told Page Six that she was previously a little careless with a stash of recordings of some of her most rare interviews. She revealed that she had been literally storing the tapes in her laundry room. That is until she got some advice from one of the greats.

“The tapes are in a safe, secure place now. But they weren’t for many years. Before that, they were in my laundry room and it was actually Jay-Z that told me to put it in a safe place,”

Jay-Z gave her some advice and told her to protect them from being erased from history.

“I was in a meeting at Roc Nation and we were talking about my archives because I have all my old interviews on tape. They were literally in boxes in my laundry room and Jay said: ‘Get them out of the room now. Somebody help her get them out of that room now because if there is a flood or a fire it will be destroyed.’”

She says the originals are now in a safe and secure place rather than her laundry room. They have also been digitized for extra security.

“They are in a safe in an actual vault where you would need specific access to get to them,”

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