This past weekend at Art Basel in Miami was a trip as always.

The last few years of Art Basel has seen great exposure, with the exclusivity of it all loosening its hold.  Those who never really had an opportunity or a thought of appreciation for this type of art are now growing fonder of the other side of the arts; a conversation in most recent years has been slowly diminishing from school academia, now only an elective that a chosen few get to enjoy is now made into a fun, interactive experience with live music, complimentary libations, cool people – a whole experience leaving folks salivating at the mouth wanting more.

With the annual Art Basel event bringing folks out of the woodworks, more and more artists and fans are coming to, building up another aspect of the culture to see an even longer life span, as art never dies.

This year, Philadelphia-based multimedia artist Anhia Santana AKA Distortedd made her Basel debut last Thursday for her Jaune ~ Art & Animation Show  in Wynwood (Miami), powered by Remy Martin/ Belaire with sounds by Siobhan Bell and Jehmahk.

Within the last few years of building her name and brand of Eastcoast streetwear style of art with her animations + abstract paintings / images, Distortedd has teamed up with DJ Khaled , Champs Sports, Jhene Aiko, MadeinTyo, Gucci Mane, Takashi Murakami  just to name a few.

And the love was definitely in the building as notables like Madeintyo, Dylan The Gypsy, Dutchess of Black Ink Crew, Dope By Accident (song writer) and more were all in attendance.

We encourage the expansion of all the arts and are here for this gem. Dind out more about the artist that is known as Distortedd.

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