Reaction videos are starting to get popular. It’s been a fleet of them online lately. The key to being an artist now days is to grasp a listener or viewer attention. It’s an artist job to get you to react. The world and life are based off of reactions. Stop sleeping and wake up. We are now in the matrix, it’s here now. With saying that get ready to watch a reaction that will make you enjoy and appreciate GVVAAN as an artist.

Apartment 85 is a growing online media team with a dope vision and growing. They linked up with a for a special edition reaction video. picked out artist GVVAAN and his visual “Oi!”. This one is pretty impressive and entertaining. These two guys really were in tune with this video. Apartment 85 seem to love GVVAAN European shoes and vision. They felt it was art and very creative. GVVAAN is really an artist overall. Looks like he’s into fashion and acting. The video stands out like a sore thumb easily. That’s a good thing seeing GVVAAN is organic and original. These vibes are pure and natural. GVVAAN makes having a bald head cool by being confident rocking the bald head. Impressive reaction video to GVVAAN video “Oi!” below.