Today is Mother’s Day, but as we all well know, everyday is a good day to show your mom how much she means to you.

We all show our appreciation in different ways.

For one, Ludacris just remodeled his mother’s home. It was her Mother’s Day gift as apart of VH1’s Dear Mama special according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Additionally, the late, lyrically adept, Tupac honored his mother, the late Afeni Shakur, with the release of the classic “Dear Mama” in 1995.

“I finally understand for a woman/It ain’t easy/Tryna’ raise a man/You always was committed/A poor single mother on welfare/Tell me how ya’ did it”

Further, some more of our favorite musicians over time have publicly celebrated their maternal figures in the form of a song. Check out some more of the best songs to mama:

“Hey Mama”-  Kanye West

“Mother”- Ashanti

“Guess Who (My Mama)”-  Goodie Mob
“Headlights”- Eminem
“Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”- Jay Z
“Apparently”- J. Cole
“Dance”- Nas

“To ever know a woman so real/I pray when I’m married my wife’ll have one of ya’ skills/But mom you could never be replaced”

“All That I Got Is You”- Ghostface Killa
“Momma”- Kendrick Lamar

“I know what I know and I know it well not to ever forget/Until I realize I didn’t know sh**/The day I came home”

“A Song For Mama”- Boyz II Men
“Mom’s Praying”- Beanie Sigel & Scarface
“I Miss You”- DMX
“The Letter”- Foxy Brown
“I Love My Momma”- Snoop Dogg
“You & The 6”- Drake

“She worry ’bout me from home/You know she raised me alone…You’re 27/You’re just bein’ you/You’re your father’s child/Man thank God you got some me in you”

If you’re at a loss for words on this Mother’s Day- play one of these loving tracks. Mothers, thank you- forever!

Anora Blazin