Written by: Sash

Ariana Grande debuted her new Vogue August cover that featured her cute little pooch laying on her lap for the magazine’s most recent release. This interview shows how she is keeping it together despite some recent tragedies she has encountered. 

“Of course because I’m an extremist, I’m like, OK, I’ll go on tour! But it’s hard to sing songs that are about wounds that are so fresh. It’s fun, it’s pop music, and I’m not trying to make it sound like anything that it’s not, but these songs to me really do represent some heavy shit,” she told the publication, in regards to why she got emotional during her performances. 

While collaborating with Vogue, Ariana shared her music video for the 9th single on her album, Thank U, NextThe visual for “In My Head” shows the talented creative singing with some small effects, adding emphasis to her eyes and focusing on her hair and boots. The record is the most intimate off Ariana’s most recent project and the video is supposed to mimic Ariana stuck inside her own head and thoughts. 

Check it out here!