After signing with the newly relaunched Arista Records, R&B singer-songwriter NBDY exploded into the new year with the smoldering new song “Admissions.” Now he returns with the highly anticipated music video for the record. Directed by the incredible creative team at Itchy House Films (Jay Rodriguez, Rock Davis), the visual is a
composition of emotion.

“With this video, I wanted to portray the haunting aftermath of a relationship gone wrong and the lingering feeling of hurting somebody close to you. The video is an incredible interpretation of the song’s meaning. NBDY continues, “The song came from a place in my past that crippled me for so long. It was my first heartbreak. I wanted to take the listener back to that moment explicitly giving them the full experience.”

The record is serene yet reverent with lyrics grown, slurry and identifiable by everyone living in a moment of time in their feelings. NBDY has released four singles, including stand out tracks “Used To” and “Warning.” While NBDY is undoubtedly inspired by generations before him, he offers a new sound distinctly his own.

Check out the video for “Admissions” below.