It’s not just a vibe it’s a theory says ĀR for indie artist 40from40. For the last few months, The duo has been working tirelessly to create the mixtape The Last 4 a concept that has been in the works for some time now. While Bronx artist 40 hasn’t been in the game for too long his lyrical flow and attention to detail will surely make, you think otherwise. The project its self-consist of a solid 6 Tracks where 40 teams up with longtime friends and fellow Bronx artists JayOhh23 and King Ceazar to create a unique take on the trap style presence in today’s mainstream market. Tracks like yesterday and telescope give listeners not only a dope beat but also attaches a story that puts the music in Perspective. Interestingly enough each track is produced by a different yet equally as talented producer such as JP SOUNDS SDOT FIRE and AK BEATZ who really bring 40 stories to life.

However 40 isn’t alone he’s part of the newly established The Theory label founded just this year. The label has since been working to not only push artist like 40 and Jayohh23 but to also make the label the next big thing to immerge from the borough, changing the game in a major way

Check out 40 and the full project below!

About 40

 40from40 (Chandler Pierce) is one of the newest Hip Hop sensations to emerge from the Bronx New York. 40 prides himself on his knack for versatility. As well as his ability to as he puts it “dance on different types of instrumentals”, while still being sure to use cunning wordplay and a smooth delivery. 40s Listeners gravitate to his music because it’s relatable, seeing as though he always makes sure to use the trial and tribulations of his past as a theme in his music. Due to this amazing ability, 40 has been able to release notable tracks such as “Not Fair” “1Night” & “Trapping Everywhere”.  Each of which gained a substantial buzz. Creating a space for him to work with various artists such as JAYOHH23, StarTheStar, and MellThePlug. As well allowed him an opportunity to perform on various stages such as the Gravity Lounge, the NYC vs 914 showcase and the vibes showcase at the C Lounge hosted by ASAP twelvy. Each of these unique performance slots allowed 40 to showcase distinct style, which he would describe as somewhere between “Trapper and Rapper. “However, 40 strives to create a name for himself distinct from the average rapper, a tone that’s incomparable. In 40s newest project “The Last 4” he hopes to showcase his unique flow giving his supporters taste of what he’s really about.

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Jocelyn Rivera