Hailing from Brooklyn new york lyricist Corey St. Rose manages to find a mix between influences of the new age medolic wave and the old school hustle of Hip Hop powerhouses like ‪Kanye West‬, Drake, and ‪OutKast‬.

Ever since he and his father created an in-home studio a little over four years ago, Corey has not stopped creating and making lasting waves. Since his rise St. Rose has worked with producer Tyeon Thompson to create two projects:

“True Colors” released in 2015 and “Vibes” released in 2017 each of which have managed to do incredible numbers on streaming platforms, putting him on the radar of industry representatives.

Even with such success Corey still manages to keep the quality of his work high, taking his time to really craft his sound, specifically with the project “True Colors” which he spent a solid two years perfecting, and later eight months on “Vibes” featuring his own artist Double R. its safe to say Corey is definitely an artist to look out for

Lucky for me  I was able to briefly touch on his latest single No time and the motivation behind it


What was the Motivation behind your latest track?

Just going in the studio hearing the beat & just vibing to it. Which is my regular routine I don’t think about all the extra stuff at all, it’s really just about the music to me, and really making a sound that’s all my own. But I take my time  True Colors took 2 years, and  Vibe 10 months its a process. All my work is produced By  Tyeon Thompson

What’s next?

Working on my 3 projects & Just Giving The People Quality Music In The Mean Time