Right out of Flint, Michigan is a rising hip hop artist by the name of Jeff Skigh who is looking to advance his career in the industry, and we are here for it. When he is not busy perfecting his craft by writing music, Jeff can be found watching anime or playing Fort nite or Super Smash Bros. Melee. Putting his creative mind to use, he also works on and directs videos with cameramen and animators alike–relaying his vision through visual concepts is when Jeff takes full creative control of the project and is surely perfecting his craft.

Going back to the music industry, Jeff has slowly but steadily created a nice following for himself. Skigh has released two solo projects titled “High X” and “Hotbox Music” respectively in recent years and is looking to create more.

Lucky for us we were able to interview the rising artist check it out below

Q. Your song “Highway Music” featuring Gabbana is one of many songs on your project Hot Box Music that is predominantly about drugs weed specifically. Why did you chose to make a full project out about drugs?

Lol well at the surface it looks like it’s only about weed. But when you actually listen to it it’s a day in my life more or less. I talk about self growth, building teams, positivity, and relationships I’ve had with people along with a lot of smoke talk lol.

Q. How have drugs played a role in your life since you started using them?
Are they key component to your creative process when making music?

2/3. Marijuana just helps me relax, I started smoking right after I graduated high school at parties and get togethers.
I wouldn’t say it’s a key component I’ve always been creative, but it definitely helps in some ways. Especially when I’m on stage, that was my biggest fear when I was younger. It helped me get over the anxiety of being in front of ppl in a way.

Q.What kind of impact do you want this project to have on the people who listen to this?

I want it to be something people can relate to even ppl that don’t smoke because it’s good music. I want ppl to to get something positive from listening to it because at the end of the day it’s about good vibes.