When Listening to this single what are a few words that come to mind?

Connecticut-born RnB Trap Soul artist Skye Verbs hopes that Substance is one.


Crediting her deep soul beginnings to a simple decorative piano on display in her parents living room, Skye developed an infatuation with the instrument – the ability of the keys and chords to match a human sentiment so seamlessly.

With this, it didn’t take long before Skye took the once decorative piano and gave it purpose, as Skye skills quickly developed, the piano transformed into more than a fascination, into rather, her means of venting and coping, dealing with love, heartbreak, family issues and life pains.


Soon after, Skye wrote her first song and discovered her capability to paint an image using no more than simple words.

Her talents quickly grew as she joined an elite show choir in middle school, with her time there expanding her musical talent, allowing her to share her voice with the public for the first time. In the three years that followed, Skye would learn how to harmonize and arrange. More notably, performing on stage in front of hundreds on a daily basis, each performance bringing her closer to her calling.

As she grew, Skye developed quite the passion for hip-hop, one that has embedded itself into her identity as an artist.

“Hip hop has such a negative connotation but was meant to create positivity. I learned a lot in school, but one thing that really stuck was what hip hop was created for: higher infinite power healing our people, she says. “I want to use my music to heal people, like hip-hop was intended to do. I want to bring that message to RnB and trap soul as well – bring real messages, real depth, real vibes.”

As an artist, Skye holds a high importance on preaching “substance” in all of its deepest forms, assuring that she not only creates catchy tunes, but first-and-foremost maintains profound meaning in her songs, lyrics, and messages.

“My goal is to spread “the feels” but never write a song that isn’t well thought out, well spoken, and well delivered. Making music with substance, that won’t lose the interest of the listener, she says.” There are so many things people are saying in the world today, but somehow the majority of what’s on instant replay are records that have no longevity and minimal depth. I don’t want to say something just to say it, I want to say things that I mean.”


In light of her stance on maintaining substance, Skye has begun a self-started movement.

“SFEC: Soul Food, Eye Candy,” The notion that women can be as sexy as they’d like in whatever that means to them specifically, but not without working on their mind, intelligence, and soul as they build on their physical appearance. The movement works in alliance with Skye’s artist ambitions, employing substance in an additional degree.

She states,

“Without substance, there is really no point. This also applies to men, but I feel that in the public eye today, someone has to come out and preach what is missing in most of the popular context of social media today. In its entirety, I believe a woman can be as much eye candy as she wants, but not without being soul food first.”

Skye currently lives in Stamford, Connecticut- the 203, where she is writing, recording her first EP and building her career, intertwining the keys of her piano with the depth of her voice and mind.


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