“Nasty baby, 2017
Big ol’ diamonds in my pinky ring
Prada on me, bitch I do my thing”

A$AP Nast has come a long way from just being known for being Rocky’s chipped-toothed lisped-up cousin, a long way from “Nasty baby, crack in the tube sock cause the 90s raised me”, and a long way from all the post-“Trillmatic” signs pointing towards him being next breakout star of the Mob. And while the quote above from Suc Guap himself completely captures who he is today, it also just so happens to reflect who he’s been this entire time.

Nast may very well be the flyest member of A$AP; if you don’t believe it just go ahead and scroll through his Instagram, where he can be found with fingers wrapped up in gold and diamond rings along with his limbs on linguine up in his favorite brands like some good Prada, good Burberry, vintage Nike, Converse and more.

His love for fashion was brought up in a Q+A with Dazed Digital this past May, in which he said:

 “I just try to love what I love. I’m literally doing this for myself. If no one cared about what I was doing, I’d still be doing the same thing you know? I’m not really gonna be out here like that, I’m just enjoying living. I’ve probably done more fashion than music recently. Like today, I might try on like 30 outfits before I go outside. Not because I care about what people think, I just love clothing and materials and there’s nothing greater than trying on a new shoe or putting new outfits together.”

Nast has worked as a designer for several brands in the past, the most recent being his collab with Converse, “Somewhere in Mid-Century”, featuring a pair of corduroy Converse One Stars as well as a pair of plaid Chuck Taylors. The capsule was released last month exclusively at the Times Square Footlocker, and then made available to the larger public Monday via Footlocker Online.

With ventures like these, Nast probably has “done more fashion than music” of late. For one, he isn’t one to dish out verses out to just anybody; in the past 2 years Nast has only featured on 5 non-A$AP tracks, two of which belong to Skepta (“Ladies Hit Squad” and “Ghost Ride“), and another to A.CHAL (“Cuánto“), the L.A.-based singer-songwriter with whom the GAZI Gang-A$AP link (presumably through GAZI GHOSt) is formed.

And as for solo cuts, aside from “Playa Hater“, the most recent Nast-only track was “Nasty’s World” from the first Cozy Tapes project last year. Rapping over a classic Onyx sample, Nast only reaffirmed his position as arguably the most lyrically-talented of the Mob with flows reminiscent of Nasty Nas himself, leaving fans once again begging for a full project to come soon.

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After seeing an impressive and highly underrated debut album from A$AP Twelvyy along with the success of his L.Y.B.B. brand, it’s safe to say that if another year were to go by without seeing a project from Nast, A$AP fans would indeed be somewhat disappointed. Whether it be a just a 5-track EP of solo cuts with straight bars and no hooks; or a full-length LP with every member of the Mob on it as well as Skepta, A.CHAL, or even German hip-hop duo Genetikk, a Nast tape would definitely be appreciated. But at the end of the day, an A$AP Nast project will only come when A$AP Nast feels that it’s the right time.

In this microwave generation of fans wanting artists to do nothing but put out song after song and album after album, it seems as if the fans are quicker to separate artists from their art than ever before, as they sometimes forget artists are human beings just like them who are more than welcome to have multiple interests. Because of this, it’s only right that you further appreciate Future, Young Thug and other artists who decide to take the time out to release multiple projects every year, while at the same time understand why other artists won’t do so.

Every artist’s creative process is different, and when it comes to multifacted artists like Nast and other members of A$AP, music takes a back seat sometimes for growth and interest in other areas to flourish and there’s nothing wrong with that – not to mention, upping the ante. And so in the same sense of further appreciating Future and Young Thug just for their tireless work ethic in recording tracks, you can also further appreciate Nast, Rocky, and others just as the wavy-ass individuals they are.

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And so while it would be nice to see some form of a body of work at some point, so long as Nast continues to enjoy the ventures he engages in and remains as jiggy as ever, you really can’t and shouldn’t complain. Whether he’s in the U.K. with Dexter Navy or Skepta and the rest BBK; or in L.A. with Kamil Abbas or A.CHAL, GAZI GHOSt, and the rest of GAZI Gang; or in N.Y. with the Mob, just let Nast be Nast.

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