Ashoka, a new artist from Rockland County, NY has a brand new record out and it’s sure to keep you in tune. “No Stress” captures the musician rapping about getting over his ex-love, moving forward in life with hopes that she can do the same. With some great harmonizing skills, an exceptional rap flow and some witty wordplay to match the Jahmal Gitten’s production, I’m sure Ashoka will be an artist to look out for as the rest of the year continues to play out.

“You’ve been down and now you working on the get back, yeah/You the woman helping and I respect that, yeah/Shawty, you’ve been in the gym goddamn I know noitce/Looking in your eyes goddamn I’m focused,” Ashoka raps in the opening verse. “We’ve been messing around since like way way back/Then we stray, and we send the same text like ‘Where you at?'”

Check out the full record below.