He’s no rookie to this LA rap scene. He goes by A$ton Matthews and he’s spitting rapping fire bars. This time he switches up the flow a little. He speeds up with rapid fire and giving heavy lines. Feels like he is g checking the industry on this one. The video is for his record “Maneuvering” and yes, he brings out the blue lambo. That should let you know he’s a vet. A$ton brought out the homies and they are repping their set heavy. Sounds like he living what he’s rapping. Director Jon Psycho shot this visual. He really gave it that moving through the streets vibe. A$ton Matthews sounds like he has something to prove. If he keeps spitting like this all the blogs will be on him. A$ton is putting on for the Latinos in a major way. Good to see rap and hip hop getting more diverse. Do not sleep on A$ton Matthews, I’m sure this is only the start for him this 2018. I wonder will he sign with a major soon. He has the talent and the image to make it happen. Keep an eye out for A$ton Matthews. Watch him count up racks and hang with the crew in his new visual below.