Bang bang, shoot’em up music is how I would label Slimesito. If you are a fan of Young Nudy and 21 Savage, Slimesito is that but even more grimey. He’s counting up cash and he’s no banker. Putting south Atlanta’s Clayton county on the map, yet again. Not to long ago I saw a few Free Slimesito post on twitter and IG. Seems like the Slimesito is back with his project “”Scarface Sito”. This entire project is pure savage. Robbing, shooting, drugs, and more is the lifestyle Sito is giving. The opening track “Queen Latifah” is produced by SenseiATL. Slimesito talks about Setting It Off literally like Queen Latifah. Sheesh, this guy wants all the smoke! His record “Revenge” is produced by Pierre Bourne and Sito actually shot a visual for this one. Looked like Slimesito to it to New York for a new look.

My favorite from the tape is “Word Around Town”. Feels like some soundtrack music for a trap movie. Slimesito talks about the hate. He’s watching so many cameras in the crib it’s making him cautious. Really dope record and Sito. He painted that vision for his listeners on that one. This 8 song project is a must listen. I think this one might be the one to get Slimesito signed.