Before the term “Atlanta Hip-Hop” filled your Google search engine with clips from the VH1’s reality show, it filled your results with references of men who are now considered legends. From Andre 3000 to T.I. it doesn’t matter where you turn, sometime over the past ten years your favorite artist has somehow been influenced by the epicenter of the South that is Atlanta.  Whether you’re playing an old Outkast verse, rapping along to new 2 Chainz, studying a beat by Zaytoven, or indulging in some of the raunchiest or righteous that film and television have to offer, Atlanta has made it possible for us to bask in Black excellence. #WakandaForever.

But many will tell you it’s only the beginning for the peach state. Kronenbourg Brewery sponsored a sit down with Baller Alert’s Ferrari Simmons who also happens to be the newly minted Music Director of Atlanta based hip-hop radio station Streetz 94.5. Joined by Branden Crisis tech entrepreneur and founder of hip hop’s answer to LinkedIn, Rap Plug, together we break down what a new artist needs to do to succeed in the Atlanta market.

The first thing you need to do…know Atlanta.

Watch as Ferrari breaks down the landscape of Atlanta with precision and rapper references.

The second thing you need to do…come with an open mind.

If you’re not from here, you should definitely come with an open mind! Business meetings in the strip clubs complete with a five-star chef or the recording studio are a common occurrence. However, the support is here. Atlanta shows love to all things black-owned and hip hop so as long as you show love in return, you will be alright!

One of the last things you need to do…stay ready!

If you need a boost of confidence while grinding to be discovered, know that the big corporations are ready to spend money on you. All you have to do is cultivate your audience, and if you plan to get plugged in, you can make it happen — no cap.

In the past, prominent artists like Nicki Minaj and French Montana were able to come down to Atlanta and get on. This is still the case today with artists embracing Atlanta as their second home and respecting the sound that the city cultivates. While Branden has managed to plug in with Think It’s A Game, Ferrari talks about the artists whose careers he has personally broken (Alex play Yes Indeed by Lil Baby) proving that you can come down to Atlanta and Break into the hip hop scene successfully.

Watch the full interview here complete with solo interviews from both Rari and Branden!

[2:39] Breaking Down Atlanta’s Geography

[5:38] Entering a Business Meeting in the Strip Club

[8:58] How to be The Plug

[11:11] Supporting Black Owned Businesses

[12:40] Atlanta vs Silicone Valley

[13:45] Breaking Artists in Atlanta

[15:11] Plan to Plug In
Written by: Chay Rodriguez